My Story


Hello, and welcome to the Missing Loved Ones Network. Have you ever had to deal with losing a loved one because they've gone missing or been taken from you? The experience is not ideal, and while there are ways to cope, nothing replaces their presence in your life.

But if there were even the slightest chance to find them again, wouldn't you try?

My youngest sister was sold out of our family. Despite all the questions I asked, and the secrets that were kept, many of my family members died with the secret. I registered online with an adoption agency and found her because I knew who our birth parents were. Our reunion was joyous, and having my sister back in my life is one of the greatest blessings I've been given. I want to use my experience with finding my sister help you find your lost loved one. For me, the toil was all worth it, and I want to ease your burden by sharing what I've learned during the process of searching.

The Missing Loved Ones Network will act as a forum and a place to find support, suggestions, and actual help in your search. So many people don't know where to turn to when a family member goes missing. But here, we can become your family and give you the tools you will need to increase your chances of recovering your missing person.

Our motto here is "Never Give Up," and we never do. We understand, on a personal level, how it feels to have a loved one taken away, and we also know how it feels to recover them after years of searching—after years of never giving up. We can help you find the resources that will aid you in your search. We specialize in finding missing people, looking for missing relatives, and helping you and yours find closure.

Our methods are strong and sure. We have been helping people recover their missing family members since before computers became a part of the process. Since the advent of computers, we have adapted and added them to our process. We know that searching for missing loved ones is time consuming and all-encompassing. It can cause you a great deal of stress, or take up 24 hours of every day if you let it. This is another reason that bringing in outside help is so important and beneficial. We give you the tools you need to sort through information and become an expert detective in your own case. Finding missing people is not impossible—but if you never try, you'll never know what might have happened.

We cannot stress enough the importance of never giving up hope. There are times when leads will come back cold, trails will seem to stop, and nothing new will appear. However, miracles do happen. We have found missing people after years of no results.

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